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Automated Full-Scale Rideshare

Veido’s partnership with Jurny has been transformative in the realm of transportation. We collaborated on a large-scale project to revolutionize the ride-sharing industry. The partnership gave birth to a powerful platform that facilitates on-demand and pre-scheduled ride services for thousands of trips, thanks to a dynamic driver pool managed through the Jurny Driver App.

Jurny Driver App

The Jurny Driver App is at the forefront of our partnership. It’s a sophisticated application, natively developed for Android and iOS platforms, that serves as a one-stop-shop for drivers. The app uses Mapbox’s SDK for real-time navigation and trip routing, ensuring drivers have all the tools they need at their fingertips. It offers complete control over trip management and payments, fostering a seamless driving experience.

Jurny Command Center

The Jurny Command Center, our custom-built management portal, is another testament to our collaboration. It empowers Jurny’s back-end office to streamline operations and manage all rides at scale. It has been designed with high responsiveness, integrating Mapbox GL JS for robust mapping, and Next.js for instant front-end response. This allows for swift adjustments in pricing structures, quick driver onboarding, and instant resolution of critical support inquiries.

Statistics and Data-Driven Decisions

At Veido, we strongly believe in the power of data. As part of our collaboration with Jurny, we’ve developed a sophisticated statistical system that tracks changes, gauges improvements, and informs data-driven decisions. It enables us to closely monitor ride patterns, driver performance, and demand surges, providing critical insights that continually enhance the platform’s performance.

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