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A Journey towards Enhanced Rideshare Solutions

Jurny is an innovative ride-share company, dedicated to providing essential transportation solutions for disadvantaged clients with emphasis on NEMT & Paratransit. By leveraging Mapbox suite of tools and services, Jurny enhances its platform’s efficiency, user experience, and overall functionality, staying true to its mission of offering accessible transportation solutions.
Jurny’s competitive edge in the rideshare industry stems from its unique fusion of breakthrough technology and unwavering commitment to social impact. By leveraging the power of Mapbox, Jurny is able to enhance routes, amplify driver and command center employee experiences, and seamlessly integrate its services. Mapbox plays a key role in helping Jurny make every rider’s journey better, setting a new benchmark for rideshare operations along the way.

“Mapbox versatile toolset and cutting-edge technology allowed our team at Veido to rapidly streamline the development process for Jurny. The seamless collaboration between our designers and developers fostered by Mapbox intuitive platform enabled us to quickly craft tailored experiences and deliver impactful results. Integrating Mapbox into Jurny’s platform has revolutionized the rideshare experience for both drivers and passengers, and we couldn’t be more proud of our partnership.”
Vadim Makarenko, CTO of Veido

At Veido, when building a software product for a client like Jurny, choosing a dependable partner like Mapbox is essential. We understand the importance of developing a system that not only boasts full up-time but also has the ability to easily support and improve upon existing features. This approach is especially crucial when crafting enterprise-grade solutions like Jurny Command Center and the Jurny Driver app.

Jurny Driver

Improving work experience for thousands of drivers, powered by Mapbox Navigation. This app is designed to streamline the driving experience for rideshare drivers, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow that keeps them engaged and satisfied. Here are some highlights of the Jurny Driver app: 
Seamless In-App Navigation
The integration of Mapbox Navigation provides accurate GPS guidance and optimal routes for drivers, allowing them to effortlessly navigate to passenger pickup locations and destinations. The in-app navigation eliminates the need to switch between multiple apps, ensuring increased safety and convenience on the road. 
Enhanced Driver Experience
With precise rider coordinates and highlighted building numbers for easy identification, drivers can quickly locate the correct pickup points. Real-time traffic updates and route optimization ensure a more efficient and enjoyable driving experience, ultimately leading to improved driver retention rates. 
Comprehensive Ride Information
The Jurny Driver app consolidates all essential ride information within a single platform, making it easy for drivers to access and manage trip details, earnings, and performance metrics. The user-friendly interface simplifies the management of rideshare operations and keeps drivers informed and engaged.

“The technology that Veido brings to the table is truly outstanding, and adding Mapbox as a part of our ecosystem has only elevated our capabilities. Our users interact with Mapbox on a daily basis, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. The combination of Veido’s expertise and Mapbox state-of-the-art geospatial solutions has helped us create a seamless and powerful platform for our drivers and customers alike.”
Fadi Toska, CTO of Jurny

Jurny Command Center

By leveraging Mapbox GL JS for visualization in the Jurny Command Center, we’ve created a seamless and efficient platform that provides real-time insights and enhances operational capabilities. Similarly, the integration of Mapbox Navigation into the Jurny Driver app ensures a smooth and reliable experience for drivers on the go.

Our commitment to building robust, high-performance systems is evident in our use of cutting-edge technologies like auto-scaling cloud infrastructure, big data databases, and much more. These components work together to ensure that the entire system remains fully optimized and responsive to the unique demands of large-scale, mission-critical operations. The partnership with Mapbox has allowed us to elevate Jurny’s platform further, providing an unparalleled user experience and setting a new benchmark for efficiency and reliability in the transportation industry.


Routing a new course

Let’s talk numbers & growth metrics

Mapbox integration into Jurny’s platform has yielded remarkable results, driving growth and enhancing operational efficiency. The advanced mapping solutions offered by Mapbox have empowered Jurny to overcome challenges and achieve significant success across various key performance indicators. 
For instance, Jurny’s driver retention rate has improved by 15% since implementing Mapbox Navigation. This increase reflects the enhanced user experience and seamless workflow provided by the tailored in-app navigation, which keeps drivers engaged and satisfied. Additionally, customer satisfaction ratings have risen by 20% following the introduction of Mapbox efficient routing and precise pickup locations. This improvement demonstrates the direct impact of Mapbox technology on Jurny’s ability to deliver a superior experience to their passengers.