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How we work

We have taken on complex tasks while maintaining our core principles.

Our success comes from constantly pushing boundaries and introducing new approaches to an ever-changing industry.

But being able to maintain certain approach is what sets us apart from the competition.



We only ever use scalable engineering solutions so that we can easily add more features or mili-second support for mission critical systems. This way, you can fully unlock the potential of custom solutions in your organization without any disruptions.


It is our responsibility to provide the best solution or software for our clients and their users, and at the same time we understand that solutions we bring on, can we always be improved considering todays digital landscape. So we're ready to buckle-up & face challenges.


Even though scalable solutions and amazing performance are essential parts of any solution, we understand that successful roadmaps need to be repeatable and that entails having disciplined processes. And each process has to be always improved, despite the industry application.


To explore new opportunity horizons in a digital space and push boundaries, you need to be passionate about the industry. Constantly exploring new trends and obtaining expertise will ensure that you can make an impact quickly. It is the foundation of what we desire most - a successful result.

Our Leadership

Jolanta Vadopalasa


Jolanta Vadopalasa


The team we’ve built around our digital industry expertise is phenomenal and we’re proud of moving boundaries for our clients with the best talent around the world. I’m excited to bring next level solutions for our clients.

Vadim Makarenko

CTO & Co-Founder

Vadim Denis Makarenko


Our product team is built around crafting complex solutions into intuitive and simple solutions helping businesses of any scale to unlock their full potential.

Maxim Makarenko

COO & Co-Founder

Maxim Anthony Makarenko


I enjoy helping clients establish a digital footprint through high quality work. It’s always exciting to bring new solutions and best practices to our clients so that we can make a meaningful impact together in the digital space.

Stanislav Makarenko

Managing Director

Stanislav Makarenko

Managing Director

Within my many years of experience in international relations and business operations, I believe at Veido we are truly leaving an impact through new digital approaches and delivering unique operational optimizations through tech.

How we make an impact

Take a Look

Every challenge coming our way, is greeted with individual approach and professional background. We engage only top-talent to create best solution for clients and millions of potential users.

We work with the best brands

We work with the best brands